Android Talks – 5th Edition

We came back to Coimbra, to our Nest Collective space, for the fifth edition of Android Talks. On the evening of June 16, we hosted another meetup about making Android apps. Here are the summary, slides and photos.


Karl Smyth of Short Studios started with "No Laughing Matter", a collection of stories about design work. We heard about good ideas, terrible ideas, and ideas with potential that never saw the light of day, accompanied by Karl's tales of past projects.

Then Gonçalo Silva of Todoist brought us "Remote workflows" about the challenges of working in a remote company of 50 people. We heard what are the strategies and processes they have in place to make decisions and keep everyone motivated. And, inside the Android team, what are the processes they follow to distribute work and ensure quality.


If you're interested in joining us next time, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. And check out our summaries of the previous Android Talks.