Advanced Android Training series

The android development ecossystem is moving fast. We started with a group of loose suggestions of how to develop apps from Google. But from the community, a set of patterns have emerged as the recommended strategy for building maintainable Android apps.

Now, all conferences have talks about those patterns: clean architecture, MVP, dependency injection, reactive programming, testing...

But, what we found out by talking with many Android teams, is that implementing those techniques is not an easy task. Those are complex subjects. Making them an habit on existing teams and applying them in already exiting projects is a challenge. Time is always short for exploring new approaches, although in the long term technical debt takes its toll.

That's why we decided to start an in-person Advanced Android Training series. Each training is an short and intense workshop, not focused on lectures, but on discussing and solving concrete problems from existing projects. So, even if you have seen talks about these topics before, this training will still help you improve your skills.

The first training will be on 7–8 of July, in Coimbra, about Architecture:

  1. Clean Architecture
  2. Dependency Injection
  3. Model-View-Presenter
  4. Custom Views
  5. Communication

Check out the training page for more details and enrollment.

And fell free to email us any question you might have about the training.