Android Development Resources

Many developers reach us with Android questions. The most common are how to start developing Android apps and how to improve at it. So here’s a small collection of our favourite resources.

Starting out

If you don’t know how to program in Java, sign up for an online course on Udacity or Treehouse, or a class at your local University. It’s important to have help getting the basics right.

If you’re familiar with Java, the book Effective Java by Joshua Bloch is a great way to brush up your skills.

To start on Android, is as simple as diving into the official Android dev training website. For more structure courses, there are free official Google courses on Udacity: basics and intermediary.

For specific tutorials, Google released Codelabs. There you can find code tutorials like implementing Material Design.


If you have already developed Android apps in the past, and want to get up to speed with the current best practices, here’s a thorough list:

After some months of development, you’ll feel the need to skill up. Code is a mess and projects harder to maintain. Here are our favourite resources on Android architecture and best practices:

And eventually you’ll decide to start testing:

Finally, to keep updated with the dev community, here’s our collection of news sources: