Improving Caderno, a minimal notepad app

Two years ago, I made a simple app, while learning Android. I had a lousy smartphone and there was no simple and lightweight notes app to use. Inspired by Squarespace Note (back then only available for iOS) I decided do build Caderno.

And I left it forgotten on Google Play. To my surprise, after two years, it had more it 21 000 installs and is now on 2 500 devices. It's been like this:

Caderno's Google Play current installs chart

So now's a good time to improve it. In the next days I will:

  • add tablet support
  • update the UI/UX a bit
  • make it even lighter
  • translate it, and the store listing, to a couple more languages

Meanwhile, you can try the current version (and also Squarespace Note for Android).