Bloco's second trimester (status update)

It's again time to look back to the last trimester, our second.

Re-reading about the first trimester, I failed to achieved any of the goals. Things never go has planned. But other pieces are falling into place.

  • Paid projects: 1

The first project, the Dermosun Care Guide, was release. I started working full-time with Maily shortly after. A project that is now closing and the result will also be released soon.

  • Internal Projects: 0

Working full-time on a longer project left no time for other app projects. But with help from the other Bloco collaborators, we organized the first edition of Android Talks.

  • Leads: 4

Less time available, also means fewer leads. But I was able to fit a week trip to Amsterdam, which I hope will generate leads in the future.

  • Blog posts: 6

I failed keeping up with a constant blogging routine, specially in the last two months. I need to get used to spending 15-30 minutes each day on research and writing.

  • Website visits: 1060
Website monthly stats

It's increasing, more due to organic traffic than actually effort put in the blog.

Goals for the next trimester

  • More leads and paid projects
  • Work on the Bloco's brand and update this website
  • Back to blogging regularly
  • Organize Android Talks every two months

Meanwhile, if you have an Android project that could use help, let me know at [email protected].

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