Bloco's first trimester: status update

It's been 3 months since I've started Bloco. And they went way too fast. But I think now is a good time to look back and track the progress so far.

  • Paid projects: 1

I started my first paid project after a month in business. I must say it took a weight off my shoulders. The app is still under progress, but on the final stage (small tweaks, translations, store listing...). I'll write about it as soon as it's released.

  • Internal Projects: 2

I already mentioned Caderno here. I'm also working on a fun proof-of-concept app with a small team. Those around me where already coerced to giving us feedback about it. But I'll keep it private until we're sure we can make it happen.

  • Leads: 9

What consists a business lead is subjective. For now, at least interest was shown and there's a possible project.

  • Blog posts: 19

One of my goals was to blog regularly, and so far I'm keeping the average above one per week. I started with technical subjects, but now I'm adding mobile business and marketing topics as well.

  • Website visits: 867

Not a bad start, but still a long way to go. Organic traffic is increasing, which is always good. Here's the chart:

Bloco's website first trimester stats.

  • Tweets: 108

I share interesting Android or mobile finds in Bloco's twitter account. Tweets is a loose metric, but it helps me keep on top of the latest news.

  • Team members: 1

Just me still. But I got the support of my new office mates and of my Android buddies on Bloco's Slack: Cláudia, Bruno and Nuno.

Goals for the next trimester

  • More paid projects, of course, specially if they allow me to hire more team members
  • Finish the internal proof-of-concept app
  • Work on Bloco's brand and update the design and copy on this website
  • Keep blogging and tweeting at the same pace

Wish me luck :)