First client project: Dermosil Care Guide

Our first client project is live! Together with the Mios digital agency, we developed the Dermosil Care Guide.

It's an app to quickly check the UV-index and how to protect yourself from the sun, based on your location. It's an offer from Dermoshop, a Scandinavian cosmetics store, to its clients. An iOS version was also developed at the same time.


  • Current UV-index
  • 24 hours and weekly forecast
  • Sun protection tips according to the current UV-index, your location and skin type
  • Share a photo with your location and UV-index on social media


  • Location retrieval

A common challenge, achieving the balance between quickly getting a device location, but ensuring it's accurate. In this case, we only needed the city.

  • API integration

We used Weather Underground, but UV info can be spotty.

  • Custom camera

First time I've developed a custom camera preview and controls. There's a lot more into it than I would imagine, specially if you want a squared camera. And camera actions can be very slow, so you need to work around that.

  • Photo overlay

Image processing inside Android apps can quickly use too much memory. We had to look for optimizations and ensure we're not wasting bitmaps.

It was definitely a fun project to develop, and we're proud of how the app turned out.

Even so, here's a few things to improve next time:

  • We finished with almost no automated tests. While this may be fine or a short project like this, it's something we need to become more comfortable doing.
  • Camera actions could be faster, or at least seem faster to users