Favorite Android Studio shortcuts

While listening to the Fragmented podcast, I've heard Jake Wharton talking about not using tabs on IntelliJ.

The trick is Cmd+E. It shows you a list of recent files and popular commands. And you can type to search the right one. I started using it all the time.

Other useful shortcuts I memorized:

  • See the numbers before the Project, Android, Debug tabs? You can toggle them with Cmd+Number. Now I have the Project tree always hidden. I just toggle it with Cmd+1 when I need to create a new file in the right place.

  • I used Sublime Text multi-edit mode a lot. In Android Studio it's: Ctrl+G (select next similar occurrence) and Alt+Shift+MouseClick (add another cursor).

  • The tireless Run (Ctrl+R) and Debug (Ctrl+D)

  • And the Java faithful Refactor Rename: Shift+F6

Got other favorite shortcuts? Share them in the comments.