Android app analytics tools comparison

I was surprised by the amount of mobile app analytics tools out there. It's hard to pick one, even if you just need a specific feature. And although they use different terms, most support the same basic feature set.

I ended up doing a comparison table of the ones I found:

Service Google Analytics Facebook Analytics for Apps Flurry (Yahoo) Mixpanel Appboy Tapstream Localytics Countly Answers
Entry price Free Free Free Free
(25K events)
(1K users)
(10K DAU)
(10K MAU)
(10K sessions/mo)
Paid features $150K/year for support and SLA - - Tiered from $150/mo From $100/mo (source) $500/mo for all analytics features Tiered from $200/mo $125/mo for crash reports and messaging -
Real-time Yes Yes No
(15-45 mins)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
User flow Yes No Yes No No No No No No
Crash reports Yes No Yes No No No No Yes
Custom events Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom dashboard Yes No Yes No No No Yes No No
Referral tracking Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
Yes No
Other main features Google Play integration, funnels, goals Segments, funnels, retention Segments, retention, funnels Segments, retention, funnels, user messaging Messaging, segments Funnels Segments, retention, funnels, messaging Open source self-hosted version, messaging, segments, retention, funnels -
Flag Customers Intuit, GILT, Airbnb, GoPro - Rovio, Shazam, Skype, Snapchat, Vine Quora, Airbnb, Twitch, Jawbone Urban Outfitters, Mag+, Glide Hootsuite, Microsoft, Twitch HBO, Soundcloud, Ebay, VISA, Microsoft Evernote, Ubisoft, Samsung, Intel Tinder, Soundcloud, Etsy, Spotify, Ebay
Other platforms iOS, Web iOS iOS iOS, Web iOS, Windows iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac iOS, Web iOS, Windows Phone, Mac iOS
Launch Year 2012 2015 2005 2010 2011 2012 2009 2013 2014
Twitter followers 748000 142000 @fbplatform 18100 15800 13600 6700 6700 2700 280


  • I focused on general analytics features, like real-time information, user flow and custom events. There are more tools focused on stuff like marketing automation, app store analytics, referral tracking...
  • I only included tools I could signup right away, and was able to find pricing information. No request demo or trial contact forms.
  • I didn't try all the tools, so some information might be inaccurate.

There wasn't any Android-only tool. It seems once you got the analytic back-end developed, supporting another mobile platform is easy.

Do you know another tool I should add to the table? Leave a comment below, together with your feedback.

Update (July 2015): Answers' custom events have come out of beta and are now available to everyone.