Connecting kids with family and friends


Maily is an app for kids to community with their family and friends, through fun drawings. It’s like a kid’s first email, but focused on their creativity, in a secure environment. Initially launched in 2012, it has been featured on the Time Magazine, The Guardian and TechCrunch.

We joined them to build a new version of their Android app. The team already had a bright junior developer, but wanted to improve the quality and performance of the application, while re-designing the current features.


We reviewed the architecture, implemented best practices, helped with API design and gave feedback on Android specific UI/UX.

The main challenges where:

  • Improving a powerful drawing tool with drawing, text, stickers and camera integration
  • Synchronizing data across platforms (Maily also has iOS and web apps)
  • Implementing a complex onboarding process for the kids’ parents and friends



The new Android app was released on November 2015, and was featured by Google on the Google Play Store.