4 Bloco Years


Another April arrives, another year passes. It's been 4 years since we started Bloco, and here's another wrap-up.


We worked on 4 different projects this past year. Still more development work, but design is finally ramping up. Here are two client projects that we can share:

  • Dr.Bill: An up-and-coming medical billing app for Canadian doctors, created by a bootstrapped startup from Vancouver.
  • Knowhere: A messaging app around location and privacy, based in the Los Angeles, that will be released soon.

We also released a second version of Large Text, our own Android app. And we're happy to say that things are looking better. The active user base is growing and their purchases as well. It's not revenue to live on, but we're glad to have more people enjoying it.

Last year’s stats of the Large Text app

Last year’s stats of the Large Text app



Despite of our repeated goal of adding new people to the team, we're still just 2. We haven't reached enough financial stability to bring someone on board. Or when we do have some, we couldn't find the right person to join us. Even so, we're doubling down on expanding the team in 2019.

Financially, we made around €41K, a bit less than last year, but looking at invoiced amounts, it averages out. Our salaries are now €850 (after-taxes), and we'll keep increasing them until they reach our local industry average.

And here's the breakdown of our expenses:

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 10.58.28.png


We continued participating actively in the community. This year we:

We hope to continue having the time to do so.