New brand and website

As you might have noticed, we have redesigned our brand and website. Here’s the story behind that decision.

We had the feeling that our website didn’t convey what Bloco is about. It was clear that we build products, but what kind? Only internal projects, or do we also work for other companies? What services do we actually provide? Our website presented an unclear list of services. Our portfolio had room for improvement. It was time to put everything in place. More than a redesign, it was an opportunity to rethink Bloco and take the brand to the next level.

So we looked for external help and asked Zé Maria Cunha to redesign our website. But he convinced us to also rebrand Bloco to better represent what we want the company to become. The only rule we had was staying true to the company essence.

Zé was the main responsible for creating an identity system to match our needs. The main concept revolves around blocks. The system is born from the brand logo. We looked for a process of rebranding that could give us new and improved ways of communication, able of generating more business, partners and connections. We wanted to keep a fresh image, in close affinity with our public: students, readers, peers, potential clients and companies.

Because actions speak louder than a change in appearance, at the end of the day, it’s all about the experience we offer to our clients.

Like the rebranding and redesign, we also outsourced the illustrations. They were made by Rúben Rodrigues, who is also from Coimbra like Zé Maria. We enjoy having an outside perspective on our company and it’s a chance to work with people we admire. Plus, we believe in investing in our local community, and how that benefits everyone in return.

Now you’re seeing the result of the work we did together. The brand:


And this website:

We're looking for more Android Design projects. if you're searching for a team to design your app, please drop us a line: [email protected]