Bloco is looking for Partner #3


Business is slowly growing and we’re working on some new internal projects. We think it’s time to bring someone new into the team.

We’re now looking for the Partner #3 of Bloco to build awesome products with us. He/she should be a mobile developer with Android experience. We’re not looking for an employee, but for someone to take an equal ownership of the studio in 2 years time.


  • Run the product studio with the other partners (yes, that means accounting, business development, office decoration, piñata aquisition, etc.)
  • Develop Android applications for clients
  • Advise clients on Android best practices
  • Build our own products
  • Organize community events
  • Organize training workshops


  • Become an equal partner in 2 years time
  • Starting salary after-taxes: €700 (but you’re going to become a partner, so you have a say in that as well)
  • Office at Nest Collective
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Freedom for personal projects

Want to know more about us and our collective? Read our manifesto and about our last 2 years.

To be honest, our main requirement is that the new partner shares our values. So, if you are interested or you have any question, just get in touch!

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