Introducing Large Text – Say it Large & Bold

In 2011, two friends, Tiago Pinto and Ricardo Otero, made an app called Large Text. It’s a very simple and fun app. It displays text fullscreen, as large as possible, on a phone.

What for?

  • Order drinks in a loud nightclub
  • Share your phone with someone
  • Greet someone at the airport
  • And a lot more uses people come up with

It was a while since their last update. The Android app was even no longer available for install. So we decided to give it a proper do-over on Android.

So here’s the newest version of Large Text on Android:

What’s new:

  • Supports text and emojis 😁 👻 ⚽️ 🚀
  • Multiple themes (some are paid)
  • Saves your past messages
  • Can receive text from other apps to display
  • App shortcuts for your latest messages (only Android 7.1+)

Give it a shot with your friends and tell us what you think! Get it on Google Play:

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