We’re a small team, passionate about developing good products.

From working with startups and building our own products, we learned the hard way how a product development process should be like. We like solving problems creatively, but we enjoy more finishing with a product people need and are able to use. If they have a remarkable experience with it, that’s the cherry on top.

We didn’t build a studio only to implement our ideas. Our goal is join other teams, so we can find the best solutions together.



Focus on iterative validation

Life is too short to build products nobody uses. We develop concepts and prototypes, before building the actual product, and validate them with clients. We validate value (if clients want to use it) and usability (if clients can use it), until we end up with a product worth building.

Quality and maintainable software

With a validated concept, we build the product to last. Using the best practices for process, architecture and testing, we build applications that you can maintain and grow with.

Together with your team

Our goal is to make successful products. We work integrated with an internal team, making sure our work can be continued afterwards. Or, even to helping you hire your own product development team.




Cláudia Acabado

Sérgio Santos



Av. Fernão de Magalhães
401 – 1º B
3000-177 Coimbra